Paddy and Nelly Bike Rental with the Westport Woods Hotel

‘Pure Comfort, Pure Nature, Pure Magic’

Experiencing the scenic Great Western Greenway cycling route is simply a must for anyone visiting the wonderful town of Westport. However, for those who may not be experienced cyclists or those who find traditional bikes uncomfortable, the journey may seem a little daunting! Nestled in the heart of Westport town just a quick 10-minute stroll from the Westport Woods Hotel and Spa, Paddy and Nelly Bike Rental aims to alleviate this problem, by providing the opportunity to rent bicycles designed with pure comfort in mind. Paddy & Nelly’s custom-designed ‘Dutch Style’ bikes are state of the art, and are built with unique features to guarantee your comfort and safety along your journey, such as comfortable suspension seats, adjustable handle-bars and saddles, no cross-bar for easy on-off access, puncture-proof tires, hand moulded grips and secure locking. E-bikes are also available, with easy operation and a range of 120km on just a single charge!

Paddy and Nelly Bike Rental also provides a wide range of bike accessories to suit your specific needs- whether it’s a secure child carrier (for up to two children) with built- in storage and soft woollen blankets to keep the little ones cosy, storage bags to carry a picnic lunch, or a dog trailer to carry a furry companion, you can be sure that a unique bike tailored to suit your journey can be arranged for you.

Here are Paddy and Nelly’s easy and safe recommended routes;


Route 1:

Just one hour off road on the Greenway via Westport House Estate, out to playground in Newport with a lovely picnic area along the river (3-4 hours round trip).


Route 2:

For those who want to experience and explore the magical Clew bay area for 2-3 hrs on quiet country roads, this is the ideal route. This route also passes Buckfield Lodge, a quaint old rural pub that you simply must visit along the way!  


Paddy and Nelly Bike Rental is TripAdvisor’s #1 rated outdoor activity in Westport and #2 rated outdoor activity in all of Co. Mayo! So, what are you waiting for?  Visit  today to begin planning your exciting adventure exploring the Great Western Greenway!