Beech Spa Westport Woods Hotel


Our Spa is currently open on Fridays & Saturdays Only.

A few things have changed since the lockdown, but we are ready to help get your holiday to Westport off to a relaxing start.

It doesn't matter if your here for a week or just stopping off in Westport for a night, a treatment in our Beech Spa gives you the chance to take some well earned alone time with gentle and soothing treatments. Step inside and see the low candle light, hear the tropical sounds and smell the lavender from our aromatherapy diffuser with it's relaxing, naturally cool mist, helping you unwind from the get go.

We have re-opened with a selection of one hour long treatments available throughout July & August

Availability & Booking:
Availability can be limited, particularly at weekends so we advise to book your treatment in advance to avoid disappointment. We ask that you arrive to the Beech Spa 5 Minutes before your scheduled treatment as a late arrival will result in a shortend treatment time to accommodate other clients.
Cancellation Policy:
All treatments at our Beech Spa must be paid in advance at the time of booking. A full refund is available if notice of cancellation is given 24 hours before the treatment.
COVID-19 Update:
Masks will be provided for certain treatments at the hotel as per COVID-19 Guidelines. All treatment rooms will recieve a thorough cleaning between treatments. An Automatic Hand sanitzation station will be at the entrance to the Beech Spa and we recommend all customers avail of this service.

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