Our most popular trek are on the beach or inland, through the mountain foothills. Generally beach treks are suited to riders with more experience.

One of our most popular activities is beach riding and no wonder - so many horse riders dream of cantering through shallow waves on a deserted beach. Go!trekking! is happy to be able to make that dream come true. There are so many beaches to choose from, some at the foot of Croagh Patrick, others (for longer treks) further out into Clew Bay. The horses will be transported to the beach by horsebox. Treks often finish with welcome refreshments in a local pub.

Bertra & Murrisk Beach Trek

usually commences before low tide and takes about two hours. The tides change daily, so it is important to book in advance so that we let you know the best time for trekking. You will be collected from the hotel and driven to Murrisk Abbey to meet with the horses right beside the beach. There will be plenty of walking, paddling and splashing in the water as the tide goes out, trotting and cantering. We usually cross the estuary to Bertra Beach and trail around Bertra Island viewing John Lennon's Dornish Island in the middle of the Bay. We finish back on Murrisk Oyster Beach galloping between the high tide markers which guide the boats away from the acres of oyster beds on this flat quiet beach. We finish the day in Campbell's pub at the foot of Croagh Patrick.

Mulranny and Tiernaur Beach Trek

is really spectacular. The trail meanders around deserted islands that are accessible only at low tide. Cattle roam freely from one grassy patch to another. We pass by Rossturk Castle with its lookout tower which might have been used to watch out for a marauding bunch of pirates. We then travel on to the Mulranny Beach beneath the Park Hotel and traverse the outskirts of the golf course. We finish off the day in Nevins Pub for a review of photos taken and some refreshments.