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Voya Products & Treatments

We are proud to offer these outstanding quality Irish products here at the Beech Health Club & Spa. Every Voya product contains extracts from organic wild Atlantic seaweed, without mineral oils, genetically modified ingredients or synthetic colours, fragrances & preservatives. The anti-ageing facial range is specifically designed to aid skin regeneration, hydrate the skin, increase firmness through collagen production & reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Our Voya body treatments range from relaxing to invigorating & will leave your skin deeply moisturised.

Seaweed Bath

This treatment will relax the muscles, hydrate the skin, promote skin regeneration and renewal whilst combating the effects of ageing. Seaweed baths are also renowned for their medicinal benefits. The vitamin K in seaweed promotes adrenal regulation, which helps to maintain hormonal balance. The therapeutic effect of the iodine contained naturally in seaweed is allowed to seep into the skin during a Seaweed Bath and this can relieve psoriasis, acne and dry skin, ease muscle pain and boost circulation.