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Looking for a healthy holiday to restore both mind and body? Holidays for some can mean excesses of food, drink and sleep, but more and more people want experiences that deliver on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Our Wellness Break is tailored to the level of activity that suits your lifestyle, whether that means taking to the outdoors or breathing in the fresh, wild Atlantic air. We work with local providers that will bring your experience to the next level. Wellness holidays are no longer reserved for spa breaks, but have expanded to include everything from walking and yoga to extreme fitness boot camps, cycling, cooking classes, and personal discovery.
Cycle the Great Western Greenway with Travis at Clew Bay Bike Hire or head off to Murrisk for a landscape painting lesson. Savour our various activities, most of them you probably have never tried before. Connect with nature and yourself, and recover from the stress of your daily life with Yoga & Pilates lessons. Enhance your understanding with Mindfulness and opt for the healthy options at breakfast and dinner embracing the wellness change. Talk with Coleen Kennedy of about how to cultivate a healthier lifestyle through a range of natural medicines and methods.