Pool/Gym Booking Info

Dear Residents & Members,

To ensure that Covid-19 best practice procedures and safety protocols are maintained, a 1-hour gym & 45-minute pool booking system will be in operation going forward.


Making a Booking.

Please call/text the club on 087-399-3340 or contact the hotel on 098 25811


Pool Times:

Times Duration Times Duration
7am 45 mins 2pm  45 mins
8am 45 mins 3pm  45 mins
9am 45 mins 4pm  45 mins
10am 45 mins 5pm  45 mins
11am 45 mins 6pm  45 mins
12pm 45 mins 7pm  45 mins
1pm 45 mins    













Gym Times:

Times Duration Times Duration
7am  1 Hour 2pm  1 Hour
8am  1 Hour 3pm  1 Hour
9am  1 Hour 4pm  1 Hour
10am  1 Hour 5pm  1 Hour
11am  1 Hour 6pm  1 Hour
12pm  1 Hour 7pm  1 Hour
1pm  1 Hour    













You can now text your pool or gym booking to us on 087-399-3340


Example Text:

Room 989, 3pm pool booking today please, 2 adults & 2 children.

Thank you.

(You will receive a booking confirmation text from club).


For information on our COVID Pool & Gym Policy Click Here


Thank you for your cooperation.

The Beech Club Team.