Guest Message

Update: August 10th, 2020

Due to the recent announement by government, counties affected by the lockdown of Kildare, Offaly and Laois are advised to change their reservation until after Monday, 24th of August, 2020. Please call our reservations department on 098 25811 or email so that we can help with your booking.

For essential workers travelling to the area on business and stating at the hotel, we advise that you give us a call before you arrive for advice from the hotel.

Warm regards

Michael Lennon

General Manager


Update: June 25th, 2020

Dear Friends and future Guests,

We will open our doors on June the 29th next. There promises to be good weather and a warm welcome from all even if we are wearing a mask or a screen.

Both myself, my family and all of my colleagues are working through the new social distancing and health & safety measures that will be required to give you an enjoyable holiday.

Presently there is a two meter social distancing requirement which we are training our colleagues to adhere to for all public areas. There is a one meter distancing in our restaurant and cafe bar, where we will serve beverages with a substantial meal. All reservations will be made upon a new App that either you our guests can make a booking beforehand or ask one of my colleagues to do it for you. This will also help with our contact tracing obligations and ensures a safer dining and beverage experience for all.

We will adhere to best practice hygiene requirements, communications, signage and training of all involved to ensure both you and your family have an enjoyable holiday with us.

Families that travel together and have been living together as a unit will practice their own social distancing requirements, they can sit together at the assigned time and in the areas that have been hygienically prepared for their dining or beverage experience.

We intend to have live music and other forms of entertainment depending upon the number of residents and their personal requirements. Dancing with family members together will be allowed but with others will require the challenge of dancing at a two meter distance. The numbers allowed upon the dance floor at any one time will require careful management.

We will communicate the most upto date social distancing requirements with clear signage and compliance training of our management and staff, to ensure best practice safety for you our guests, our colleagues and the general public whom may visit from time to time. 

These requirements are being updated as more information and the science pertaining to Covid-19 is developed and it is our goal to keep up with compliance with these and any future changes.

Kind regards,

Michael Lennon
General Manager