Our Secret Woodland

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At Westport Woods, our ethos is to provide a magical enchanting space that will captivate our couples' imagination.  As a family owned and run hotel we always aim to provide extremely well run celebrations which work to enhance our natural surroundings.  Sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make and we are proud to be one of Ireland’s Greenest Hotel. For over a decade we have been actively working to make our hotel as green and environmentally-friendly as possible. 


The Secret Woodland

Our Secret Woodland provides a rustic, whimsical setting with luxury and comfort inspired by the surrounding natural elements.  This is the perfect location to host your ceremony, hidden away in our enchanted woodland unspoilt and far from the crowds.  If you are looking for a dreamy rustic outdoorsy vibe for your wedding but with a little indoor comfort as well, the Secret Woodland is the place for you.

At the time of this publication, we are currently working hard on creating this magical place which we expect to complete by May 2020 - we are very much looking forward to making you discover this enchanting setting for your wedding ceremony! 


With this in mind, we have a few tips for you to prepare the perfect outdoors ceremony and make sure your guests stay comfortable…

Of course you want your guests to enjoy the ceremony as much as you will, and for this guest's comfort will be essential. Beautiful sunny day expected but have not quite reached the 20 °C yet? You may want to arrange for a few blankets to be brought in, especially for the elderly.

On the contrary, if we are expecting a heat wave, why not have a few bottles of water handed in at the beginning of the ceremony to keep everyone cool and hydrated? 

One may also invest in a bit of sunscreen and bug sprays to make sure your guests stay happy in the woodlands!