Hints & Tips

Here are some useful tips to help make your perfect day go exactly as planned:

Be Organised

  • The table plans can be a source of a lot of last minute stress so put yours together well in advance! You can ideally start thinking about how you will seat people when sending out your invitations. Try to put your guests’ names in groups of 10 on an Excel document. That way when your RSVP’s come back, you’ll be able to tick them off your list and your table plan will be 90% complete.
  • Order extra invites just in case you forget people and remember 20% of guests typically refuse so you may need extra.
  • For an added personal touch why not name the tables instead of numbering them? Use songs or places that mean something to you as a couple.

Reduce Your Stress

  • Make use of your venue’s wedding planner by asking them for ideas & tips. A lot of venues like hotels work closely with retailers and videographers etc so are in an ideal position to help with recommendations.
  • Get your bridesmaids involved – from everything from helping source favours to packing the last minute make up bag with the essential waterproof mascara – they want to be part of your day and they will help reduce stress.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Peak summer months will be more expensive for all suppliers as it is the time which is most demand so if you are on a budget consider the date of your wedding as keeping it outside of July & August will end up helping you save in the long-term.
  • Log onto http://www.gettingmarried.ie for all essential church details. For Civil Ceremonies log onto http://www.groireland.ie.

Enjoy Your Special Day

  • Make some time between the ceremony and the evening reception for you and your husband to spend five minutes alone together, it gives you both a break and the chance to take a step back and watch your guests enjoying themselves.
  • Relax and enjoy your day – make sure to mingle with your guests as much as possible and don’t forget the flat shoes for late night dancing!